new issue of ER: Michael Glassman/Ye Wang's response to Gredler/Shields

From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Sun Oct 03 2004 - 19:06:30 PDT

The new Educational Researcher has a response by Michael Glassman and Ye
Wang to the Gredler/Shields article we discussed a few months ago "Does No
One Read Vygotsky's Words." One of the key themes in their 3-page piece in
sorting out how their view of Vygotsky differs from G/S draws on something
that Barab et al also touched on: the Dewey/Bentley distinction of three
kinds of action: self-action, interaction, and transaction. G/W suggest
that G/S take an approach to LSV that is based on self-action, but the
writings of Michael Glassman emphasize a much more interactionist and
transactive perspective.

Check it out.

~ Steve

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