Re: michal roth's intro; four contradictions and children's play

From: Wolff-Michael Roth (
Date: Thu Sep 23 2004 - 08:13:40 PDT

My sense is that when they rise to the concrete during goal formation
and action, they come to be linked to emotions, without which no
decision-making (e.g., Damasio,1999) seems to be possible. Decisions
are made, so Holzkamp, to increase the control I have over my
environment or, in other words, my action potential. This increase is,
in my reading, associated with a higher emotional valence. The
recognition and removal of contradictions therefore is no longer
something abstract but has a real engine... (A contradiction in and of
itself does not move anything, real people do)

On 23-Sep-04, at 7:41 AM, Mike Cole wrote:

> Steve & Sophie-- My guess is that the various kinds of contradictions
> need
> to be treated as abstractions such that in each case one must "rise to
> the
> concrete" in identifying and working with them in specific
> circumstances.
> Methodologically, a huge challenge is to be able to document each of
> these
> aspects of activity which are in play simultaneously. And this is
> especially
> true if one is engaged with the activity system oneself, as in
> intervention
> research wnere the doing seems always to run down the documenting and
> there
> is rarely time/support left over for analysis!
> mike

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