Re: Educational activity and school

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Sep 16 2004 - 21:57:32 PDT

Guilty. I am pretty sure I wrote that, except for the 2 years part. Vasya has
been dead for two years or more. :-(.

I have just returned from 6 days in the mountains visiting places I first
experienced more than 50 years ago (yee gads) to which my wife and I return
year after year. Only 242 messages, sans most of the spam, on my account
(remember the days of sneaker power Peg?). Anyway, it was probably 20 or
more years ago that Davydov visited. And I'll stand by my account of what
was said, and perhaps Peg and I can jointly reconstruct the occaision.

One result of this (PS 91 not withstanding) is that Peg and I sent a
telegram to Moscow which, playing on VVD's comments, said that we had
witnessed educational activity in a school. It was a play on words/ideas.
The "school" we were referring to was the first of the afterschool activities
that have absorbed me since 1981 (must mean VVD came a little before this)
we called "Field College" which happened to be on a school campus after

Davydov was well aware of the achievements of school 91, but made the comments
at UCSD non-the-less-or more. As If recall If Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, who
has just visited Alabama, has not knocked down the internet in that part
of the world, perhaps Peg can provide a more compelling memory.

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