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From: Kevin Leander (
Date: Tue Sep 14 2004 - 11:31:19 PDT

For those interested in literacy practices and space, this book has
recently come out:

Leander, K. M. & Sheehy, M. (Eds.) (2004). Spatializing literacy
research and practice. New York: Peter Lang.

>I have also been thinking about people's relations
>with physical space, and with the fantasy spaces
>which are the flip side of these physical spaces,
>this summer -- particularly about space in a
>playworlds project we've been working on here at
>LCHC, inspired by Pentti Hakkarainen's play pedagogy
>at Silmu in Finland. I was most helped in my thinking
>about the ways children and adults map, construct,
>enter and share/police these playworlds by the
>De Certeau, M. (1984). The Practice of Everyday
>Life. Berkeley: University of California Press.
>Jacobs, J. (1961). The Death and Life of Great
>American Cities. New York: Vintage Books.
>Chauncey, G. (1996). Privacy Could Only Be Had in
>Public: Gay Uses of the Streets.
>In Joel Sander's Stud: Architectures of Masculinity.
>New York: Princeton Architectural Press.
>(Auge, M. (1995). Non-Places: Introduction to an
>Anthropology of Supermodernity.
>New York: Verso.)
>And please do let me know if you read anything
>especially useful in this area!
>> Hi all,
>> I am an interaction designer and I'm involved in a
>> project focused on the
>> design of interactive mnedia for urban public spaces.
>> I have been following with interest several of the
>> discussion on the list.
>> Now I wanted to ask you suggestion for good
>> references and pubblications
>> about people relation with the physical space,
>> particularly concerning the
>> urban environment, and people's interactions in
>> public spaces.
>> Looking forward to your answer.
>> Thank you all in advance.
>> Dona

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