Rommetveit & Bruner

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Date: Tue Sep 07 2004 - 11:44:28 PDT


Although the discussion was somehow closed, I just wanted to add a few
thoughts about Rommetveit's article.

I found his distinction between a first person or individualistic and a
second person or culturalist psychology quite similar to the one drawn by
Jerry Bruner between paradigmatic and narrative thought. He also thought of
the former as dealing with a world of causality and the latter as dealing
with a world of meanings.

As Rommetveit advances the idea of a psychology of a second person I started
to acknowledge some claims that are now somehow common currency in
culturally oriented psychologist. In particular, the idea the understanding
of meaning requires a different understanding of the methods we use.

And then is where I found myself in a known problem. The question that
arises is, then, what is proper of an empirical culturalist study of the
mind who is not plain empiricist and how can we move from a principled
epistemological stage to a progressive program of culturalist research,
question that is somehow closer to what Mike was just asking about findings
in constructivism.

Beyond these issues, it is also the problem that not a minor set of the
psychological establishment is not just aculturalist but overtly


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