Re: challenge to constructivism in school instruction

From: Phil Chappell (
Date: Tue Sep 07 2004 - 04:08:48 PDT

Of course, there's always a cop-out ;-)

"I, (insert teachers name) the teacher, hereby advise you, (insert
student's name) the student, that I the teacher make absolutely no
representation that you the student, by paying fees for the specific
purpose of English education and or acquisition, will, either now or at
any future time whilst attending my classes,
  i) be able to speak fluent English
  ii) learn any specific number of words
  iii) pass any exam not controlled by this teacher
  iv) be able to write any English words
  v) understand any grammar principles
  vi) have any confidence at English communicating
  vii) be able to read English
  viii) be able to understand spoken English
  and further, you the student, if gaining any knowledge whilst my
student, accept unreservedly that that knowledge is beyond that which
you were advised you would learn in any event, and that you agree
unreservedly to hold me harmless from any and all civil actions for
your failures to communicate in the subject that I have taught you.
  Signed. . (student)
  Signed. . (teacher)

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