Re: from a lefty

From: Molly Freeman (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 20:49:22 PST

I certainly agree that it is easy to place Shlain 'beyond the pale,'
however, as a neurosurgeon it seems to me he knows somewhat more about
the brain than do we, don't you think? I don't think it is necessarily
'reductionist' to provide a different lens, which he admits has its


Mike Cole wrote:

>Molly-- Having just sat through a course on development of the brain, and
>perhaps because I am strongly left dominant, I find the sort of reductionist
>left/right brain thesis such as put forth in the literacy and the goddess
>book less than compelling.
>ditto "the medium is the message" reductionism. As a person who, gulp,
>started a comm department and believes in the inflection of human experience
>by the media through which we are/have been constituted, I have a strong
>affinity for being media inclusive in my trhinking, which is to say, culture
>inclusive. But again, taken to the extreme, the ideas can turn vicious or
>at least vacuuous.
>Nice photo on the cover though and the general thesis certainly fits
>into a course on mediational theories of mind!

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