June Discussion Paper

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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 11:17:33 PDT


The discussion paper for June is now up on the MCA page. The MCA index is
now compatible with Internet Explorer. Also this is the paper that was (or
very similar to) in the MCA Journal awhile back.



June Discussion Paper


Peter Jones P.E.Jones@SHU.ac.uk
The "Embodied Mind": Contrasting Visions
This paper offers critical commentaries on two arguments in support of the
"embodied" view of mind and cognition as presented in the philosophical
literature of Cognitive Linguistics (eg Johnson, 1987; Lakoff, 1987; Lakoff
and Johnson, 1980, 1999). These commentaries take their inspiration from the
dialectical materialist philosophical perspective which underpinned the
Vygotskian and Activity Theory (or "CHAT", cf Cole, 1996) traditions
(henceforth just "Materialism" for convenience) and especially from the
works of Ilyenkov (eg 1977, 1982, 1997; cf Bakhurst, 1991; Jones, 1994,
1998) in which that perspective receives its "clearest articulation"
(Bakhurst, 1995: 156).

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